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How to enable Microsoft Whiteboard for Office 365


How to enable Microsoft Whiteboard for Office 365

Microsoft Whiteboard is a digital canvas that allows you to collaborate with others in real time. You can use it to brainstorm ideas, sketch diagrams, annotate images, and more. Microsoft Whiteboard is available as a web app, a Windows 10 app, and an iOS app. You can also access it from Microsoft Teams and OneNote.

How to enable Microsoft Whiteboard for Office 365

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If you have an Office 365 subscription, you can enable Microsoft Whiteboard for your organization. This will allow you to create and join whiteboards with anyone in your organization, as well as guests and external users. To enable Microsoft Whiteboard for Office 365, you need to be an administrator and follow these steps:

  • Sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center with your administrator account.

  • Go to Settings > Org settings > Services.

  • Under Services & add-ins, find and select Whiteboard.

  • On the Whiteboard page, toggle the switch to On to enable Microsoft Whiteboard for your organization.

  • If you want to allow external users to access your whiteboards, toggle the switch to On under Allow Whiteboard to be shared outside your organization. This will generate a link that you can share with anyone you want to invite to your whiteboard.

  • Click Save changes.

Congratulations! You have enabled Microsoft Whiteboard for Office 365. You can now start creating and joining whiteboards from the web app, the Windows 10 app, the iOS app, Microsoft Teams, or OneNote. To learn more about how to use Microsoft Whiteboard, check out the Microsoft Whiteboard Help page.



Microsoft Whiteboard is a great tool for collaborating with your team, whether you are working remotely or in the same room. You can use it to brainstorm ideas, plan projects, solve problems, and more. You can also use it to present your work to others, as you can easily switch between different whiteboards and zoom in and out of the canvas.

One of the best features of Microsoft Whiteboard is that it integrates with other Microsoft apps and services. For example, you can use Microsoft Teams to start a whiteboard session with your team members and chat with them while you work. You can also use OneNote to insert your whiteboards into your notes and access them from any device. You can also export your whiteboards as images or PDF files and share them with others.

Microsoft Whiteboard is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. You can use your mouse, keyboard, touch screen, or digital pen to draw and write on the canvas. You can also use smart shapes, tables, templates, and stickers to enhance your whiteboards. You can also use the ink beautification feature to make your handwriting more legible and the ink grab feature to convert images of physical whiteboards into digital ones.

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