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Where To Buy Sour Cream And Onion Doritos ((BETTER))

This flavor was discontinued so long ago that I don't even personally remember eating any. Sour cream and onion is a common flavor on potato chips, but it's nearly unheard of on tortilla chips. The taste of the seasoning on these corn chips was nothing like sour cream and onion potato chips and reminded many of our tasters of Cool Ranch, though these weren't as tangy or as good as Cool Ranch. Nothing spectacular here, but all of our tasters still liked these and enjoyed crunching on a few with some beers. Shop: Buy Doritos on Amazon #ad

where to buy sour cream and onion doritos

I just found these the other day, and when I first spotted them, I REALLY got excited! I remember eating these things when I was a kid back in the late 70s and early 80s, and I always wished FritoLay would bring them back. As a matter of fact, I called FritoLay several months ago and requested them to reintroduce the sour cream and onion flavor. It looks like they finally listened!:)

I agree with you. Cool ranch does not come close to the sour cream & onion Doritos. They really need to bring them back. A lot of people I spoke to never tried the sour cream & onions Doritos. They would love to try them.

I totally agree. I lived on those 25 bags for Doritos in the 70s as a kid and sour cream and onion were awesome. I thought I was so mature and like a sophisticated young kid eating my sour cream and onion Doritos in front of other 9-11 year old kids because anything with onion in it even in the title scared the pants out of most kids then (and now too I imagine). I would pay a premium to have these sour cream and onion Doritos back on the shelves. The cool ranch flavor is not the same and has too much salt or salt flavor on the tongue. Sour cream and onion had the right combination and flavor profile that you could not get tired of eating. I will write Frito lay and maybe they can sell these on line direct to customers if their concerned about limited shelf space. But if I were Frito lay I would dump some of those odd ball flavors like sweet chili and add back sour cream and onion.

hope you continue to make and supply us endlessly with the sour cream onion flavor so so happy to see that flavor has returned and also loving the taco flavor!!!please continue to make these flavors.These are my two happy flavors!!!love love them!!!Thank you for bringing them back.

These are littler chips, a little saltier than the first one. Not as strong on the sour cream flavor. Nice and subtle. These might be a tiny little bit too salty but still pretty good. Tangy. Got a good onion flavor. Not as much of a buttermilk or sour cream. A little too salty.

These are a little bigger and a little sweeter than the last ones, must be the onion. Not getting a lot of sour cream notes but got a good tang. Still. A good golden crispness to the chip. Has a little bit of a kettle flavor to it. These are delicious

These are our first ridges of the day. Super crunchy. The ridge is nice and thin. Good sour cream flavor. I can feel the powder forming in my mouth now. Good tangy onion flavor, not too strong. Good tangy onion aftertaste.

These chips are giant, they have a bit of a kettle feel to them. Good tanginess, not too salty. I think that sour cream is the tang. The onion flavor is pretty light. These are pretty perfect. Very tasty.

This is another crunchy kettlely chip. Good fold to it. Good flavor, Not really getting a lot of sour cream. Just a tiny bit. A little oniony. These are light in flavor, not overpowering. Not overly oniony. Just pretty mellow.

Another kettley chip. Very light in sour cream flavor. Very light flavor in general. Very light chip. I kind of want another one. Can you please pass me one? Thank you. These are almost a little too light in flavor. Not strong, but you do get the sour cream and onion.

Another ridge entry, this one with a very nice sour cream creaminess to it. Onion is present but not overpowering but tasty. The ridge is just how you want it, nice and crunchy. Overall pretty much what you want from a sour cream chip. Tasty.

Last one is more of a kettle variety. Got a good crisp fold to them, nice and crunchy. Good saltiness, a good taste of sour cream. Definitely have an onion flavor. Nothing to really complain about here. Nothing overpowering, not too light. Kind of right in the middle. Right in the middle. Good stuff.

Mikesell makes a quality chip and is potentially the first onion-flavored chip in the land, but the lack of sour cream to round out the onion flavor makes them a bit one-note and tough to compare to the rest of the more balanced and dynamic brands.

The packaging on Great Value, like the name, is about as generic as you can get in good ole Merica. Picture of chips, check. Dish of sour cream next to animated green onion, check. Logo that a 5-year-old could create in any design application, check.

Walmart is a great place for many things and a terrible place for others. Their in-line brand Great Value turns out a very solid chip, in the traditional style of thin chip. Despite this revelation and the satisfaction of the chips of what a basic sour cream & onion chip should be, there is really nothing special about these chips.

Deep River may carry the strange title of thickest and crunchiest ridge chip (they call them krinkle cut, which spell check does not like), as well as possibly the lightest seasoned chip in this entire Sour Cream & Onion potato chip list. Oddly, this works. Shoddy orthodontia beware, the girth of these ridge kettle chips could dislodge a filling on any given bite. Personally, there is nothing better, and the almost non-existent sour cream flavor and very light onion flavor, passively ask for non-stop munching. The Deep River chips also often curl and overlap, and stick together, creating extra layers of crunch, but still the sour cream & onion seasoning never overwhelms.

The flavor is a punch; a nice dusting of oniony powder on the chips segues into a creamy finish. The only knock on these chips is that the flavor may be too assertive for those with only a passing interest in sour cream & onion.

Their sour cream & onion is no different, their chips are huge, thick, and rarely too oily. A lot of their chips curl into cocoon form, which is the best kind of crunchy. Flavorwise, theirs is a mellow Sour Cream and a pungent but also fairly mellow green onion, melding into a pleasing chip that is easy to consume subconsciously during any other primary activity that has at least one hand free for mindless snacking.

Bake for 20 minutes, flipping and tossing once, then for 15-20 minutes more, until golden and crispy. Remove and immediately toss with remaining sour cream and onion mix, and even more fresh dill. Serve immediately!

these sound awesome most sour cream and onion chips have MSG which is like poison for me. Thanks! and I totally agree about everythin! Ha I never hear the end about Tequilla! 1 tequilla 2 tequill 3 tequilla Floor. I only had 2 weak margaritas

Regardless of popular opinion, there are still a few brave souls who remain faithful to sour cream and onion Doritos. More than 600 people have signed a Change petition to bring the flavor back to the U.S., and while that's not a lot, every petition has to start somewhere. 041b061a72

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