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The Grand Tour Season 3 - Episode 11

Thanks to this large amount of money, Clarkson, Hammond, and May were able to produce more exciting and bigger scale episodes than they had ever done before. This resulted in special episodes becoming more and more frequent. Indeed, the fourth season of The Grand Tour will consist only of specials. To celebrate this, we've ranked all of the specials so far.

The Grand Tour Season 3 - Episode 11

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The Grand Tour special episodes are known for their creativity, and also their hilarity, as they often involve the presenters using old cars or general vehicles and placing them well outside of their comfort zone. However, in this special, Clarkson, Hammond and May broke away from that formula and bought 3 grand touring cars for a drive from Georgia to Azerbaijan.

One of the drawbacks of this season, however, was that it only featured one special. To be fair, Season 1 had one special as well, but it took up two episodes. "Feed The World" was a sort of mini special but despite that, it was surprisingly good. Tasked with transporting fish, the boys still regained their childish sense of humor and the special was all the better for it.

The best episodes of the season by far were the two episodes dedicated to the Namibia special. This was the lads doing what they do best, and in this case, their best was racing beach buggies across a desert. Their banter was in top form, the scenery was amazing and there were some genuinely heart-stopping moments. This was exactly what you want from a Grand Tour special.

An overview of all season 3 episodes of The Grand Tour (Season 3) with Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. For more season overviews click on the banners on your right. season 3 mmost importantly, because, therefore, or besidesost importantly, because, therefore, or besidesmost importantly, because, therefore, orseaon 3 besides

Chances are that if you're reading this you're a fan of The Grand Tour, which means you're aware that the trio's show on Amazon is currently on Season 3, and it finally feels like it's gotten its groove back. One particular episode in the season features a trip through the European country of Georgia, which randomly features an unexpected guest: a street drifter in an E46 BMW.

The first season of The Grand Tour includes 12 episodes airing once a week on Friday from 18th of November 2016 until Friday 3rd of February 2017. Stream The Grand Tour Season 1 Episode 11 on Amazon Prime now.

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