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Tattoo, A Love Story

Many of Roman Torres's tattoos are for his family members. The portraits on his chest are of his parents and his children. His sons' names are emblazoned on his shoulders. A message to his late grandmother ("forever in my heart") is scrawled just below his collarbone. His nephews' names are on his wrists. Other tattoos are tribal art, the flag of his home country of Panama, a verse from Genesis on his ribs, and a few dedicated to his love and passion for soccer. He has a portrait of himself holding up the MLS Cup from 2016 tattooed on his leg. Torres signed with the Sounders in 2015 but has been playing soccer professional for over 10 years. (Genna Martin,

Tattoo, a Love Story

"This one here on my inner forearm is dedicated to my parents, it says 'everything I am or will become I owe to my Mother and Father,' my mom's birthday, my dad's birthday, and it has an anchor in the back," said Tony Alfaro, "It signifies I am where I am and owe a lot to them for their support, I feel like they are the anchor of the family and for myself." His other tattoos commemorate his love for soccer or are reminders to stay motivated and positive. A cross on his arm shows his soccer number, 15, which has been his number since he was a kid. Alfaro joined the team as a rookie defender in 2016. (Genna Martin,

"This one on my arm is probably the most special, it's for my grandma. She used to collect antiques and she had this big brass eagle above her fireplace and I loved it when I was a kid," said Sounders goalkeeper Brian Meredith. His grandmother gave him the eagle before she died but then his dad accidentally ran over it with his car, breaking off the wing. He had the bird tattooed on his arm, complete with mechanical wing. Meredith also has his soccer number tattooed on his left arm, which is also the number of the exit off the parkway in New Jersey where he is from. (Genna Martin,

After winning the first MLS Cup in club history last season, the Sounders stormed to a 14-9-11 record in 2017, good for 53 points and a second-place finish in the Western Conference behind the rival Portland Timbers (53 points, 15-11-8 record).

Finding her preferred seat on the bus was already occupied by Liaison Officer, Nick, Cathy went on to sit next to him on the bus each night for the remainder of the 2017 Show-run. During the 30-minute journey to the Castle each night, they found a shared love of travel, music, books and TV Shows such as Game of Thrones and Scrubs.

But after the birthday festivities die down, could wedding bells be in their future? That may not be out of the question, as they seem to have her dad Don Johnson's blessing. "If she's happy, I will be happy and he's a lovely guy," he told Good Day New York in November. "And if she decides to get married, I would imagine that there would be grandchildren not too far after that. I would be pretty excited about that part."

The 50 Shades of Grey alum donned her director's hat for Coldplay's "Cry, Cry, Cry" music video. The video's story is all about a couple working through life's obstacles side-by-side and holding each other when they cry. Swoon!

Do you believe in love at first sight? Sure it can happen. While generally considered a rare event as it does not happen to everyone, it still happens. Some people are lucky enough to have experienced the butterflies, excitement and often jaw-dropping unexplainable emotion of falling head over heels. Others have not experienced love at first sight, and they may never. They simply got what they got and that will have to be good enough (at least for now).

The Lexington Tattoo Project is a collaboration between Lexington, KY-based artists Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova. What started as a Facebook request for Lexington residents to have the words of a love poem to their city inked on their bodies has become a local and national phenomenon.

Currently, Kurt and Kremena are working on Love Letter To the World, a public artwork that intertwines poetry, tattoos, photography, spoken word, storytelling, and music in order to foster global connections.

Behind everything lurks the figure of the Red Wolf, a cold-blooded killer with the soul of a lover. In the end, she must discover the truth not only about the murders but also about the lies that are destroying her own family.

Now a Lifetime original movie, Stephen King's haunting story about an author of a series of mystery novels who tries to reconcile her old life with her life after a horrific attack and the one thing that can save her: Revenge.

Told from the perspective of Lale Sokolov, the story follows his journey as a prisoner of Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. After being forcibly transported on a long journey on a livestock train with other Jewish prisoners, Lale arrives at Auschwitz II-Birkenau work camp where, within his first night, he witnesses two men killed by the SS.

Lale briefly meets a beautiful, young woman while tattooing her arm upon her entry to the camp, and he experiences love at first sight. Lale becomes the main tattooist after Pepan disappears. Lale asks the SS officer in charge of him, Baretksi, for an assistant, just as Pepan had asked that he be his assistant. Baretski picks out a young prisoner named Leon.

Lale then heads to Bratislava to find Gita, knowing that many Slovakian prisoners are being sent there. He waits two weeks at a train station and then spots her in a street. The pair kneel down and tell each other they love each other. Lale asks if Gita will marry him and she agrees.

The narrator of the book is 25-year-old Slovakian Jew from Krompachy Lale (Lali) Sokolov, who meets a young woman while serving as the Tätowierer in Auschwitz II-Birkenau from 1942 until 1945. He falls in love with the woman, Gita, during his years of imprisonment, and vows to marry and start a family with her once they are free. Lale consistently puts himself in danger to help his friends and himself survive while in Auschwitz-Birkenau labour camp.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz fits into the genre of Holocaust fiction. Morris writes using simple, short sentences from a third-person point of view where Lale is the omniscient narrator and protagonist of the story.

The author of a bestselling book about an unlikely love story in the Auschwitz death camp has come under fire for what a historian at the memorial museum for the former Nazi site says are inaccuracies in the story.

The book, published earlier this year, tells the story of Lali Sakolov, who would tattoo new arrivals at the Nazi camp with numbers on their wrist, and his eventual wife Gita Furman, who he met while retracing her numbers. The two eventually re-united after the camp was liberated, married and made their way to Australia.

The book is officially cataloged as fiction, though it has been marketed as a true story and Morris has said it is based on interviews with Sokolov, who died at age 90 in 2006, toward the end of his life. She met Sokolov after Gita died in 2003.

Love spoke passionately about the story behind each icon he was painting and each piece of art he was cataloging. He continues to reflect upon his own story and his first visit to Mount Angel when a friend brought him to see an image he wanted tattooed on his chest.

Looking back at his story, Love sees that his uncompromising passion for art led him into spiritual desolation, but ultimately, it led him to drive his motorcycle to a discernment retreat at Mount Angel Abbey. His one word explanation for how this happened is "God."

Just like a circle, a wedding ring neither has a beginning nor an end, therefore symbolises the eternal bond of love that comes with marriage. However, a ring can be taken off or get lost, so what better way is there than marking your never-ending love story with a beautiful wedding ring tattoo.

As simple as it seems, one word can describe it all: LOVE - the reason for your marriage and your happily ever after! Even in rough times you know, that the love between you and your husband will conquer it all.

This branch-style wedding ring tattoo symbolises your growing, blooming love. Besides, it also reminds you that caring for each other is essential for a good marriage: Just like a plant needs water and light to grow and bloom, you need to take time for your partner.

CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE SPEICHER, Iraq -- Tattoos and the military have a long and colorful history. Modern pop culture credits the Navy with introducing the art of tattooing to the United States in the early 1900s, when Sailors returning from distant lands displayed their skin-art souvenirs.

"I would say, across combat arms especially, probably a good 90% of everyone has a tattoo," said Staff Sgt. James Campbell, a tattooed infantryman and platoon sergeant with Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade.

"There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about my best friend," Campbell said, referring to Sgt. Mike O'Neal, killed in action while fighting in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2004. Campbell has a four-leaf clover and the initials "M.O." tattooed on his left forearm, surrounded by the words "Gone but Not Forgotten."

The story is dramatic enough; During a charity bazaar in Paris in 1897, a fire broke out in the cinema. The wooden building with only one exit burns like a torch. The people, mainly women, are trapped like rats. 129 Victims were killed. 041b061a72

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