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Nathan Sanchez

Swiss Boys Series Fix

In his book, the Swiss Family Robinson, Johann Wyss describes how the family, when stranded on a desert island, used a wooden craft to escape. Once the family was safely on land, they abandoned the craft and it was washed ashore. We'll use the same boat to go to a desert island for the SWISS BOYS - to "escape" a similar fate, i.e., a surreal, dream-like. Conjecture on the boat: Top of bag of holding with 1000 florins, all the land in Switzerland, and the biggest tour (with people, food, and music) in history. How do we get to the island? The answer to that lies with Charles M. Schorr's book . Johanny's tale begins with a young orphan named Christopher. He's out walking the streets one day when he hears a group of children calling for help, but Christopher is too stubborn to do anything. Eventually a great storm forces him to seek shelter in a barn, where he sees the tiny, wiry form of a male cub and feels a motherly instinct for him. In doing so, Christopher opens the first chapter of a tale that lasts 900 pages, but ends with a happy ending.

Swiss Boys Series

The story continues in book two, Swiss Family Robinson 2 , with a group of sixteen people shipwrecked on a deserted island, including Walter Walther and his wife, Charlotte. Read some of the first chapters to get a sense of what's to come. Everyone starts out as equals, but soon some kids realise that they don't have to listen to others. This leads to a group of people slowly chipping away at each other, and chaos results. Eventually they realise that they need to create their own little society, and they start establishing rules for themselves, with some people doing much better than others at following them. They even have a sort of code of conduct, which is topped with a much more serious admonishment.