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Where To Buy Ll Bean Boots Near Me 'LINK' has a list of where to buy L.L. Bean "duck boot" lookalikes. said that as of December 2014, the backorder wait list was 100,000 people long. People across the country (and probably world) are posting photos on social media of their beloved L.L. Bean boots, often in locations that don't experience even one flake of winter. And here I am, sitting in Portland, Maine after the first significant snow storm with wet socks because I don't have a pair of Bean boots.

where to buy ll bean boots near me

It's a no brainer for a Mainer to check the L.L. Bean outlet store for a pair of Bean boots. It's luck of a draw there. Sometimes you'll find boots with minor defects (like missing a shoelace) or other in near-perfect condition, returned by some person who decided they didn't want their boots. There's an L.L. Bean outlet in Freeport just across the street from the flagship store at 1 Freeport Farms Road and a location in Bangor at 534 Stillwater Avenue.

It is symbolic of Autumn in New England, of thick wool sweaters over flannel shirts draped over jeans. It is symbolic of an imagined American wholesomeness that traces a roped-sole footprint path back into the past through the hunters and outdoorsman who originally used these boots in the early part of the last century, to its crossover to Preppy culture somewhere in the late 1950s, then its brief Instagram fueled viral popularity around 2011 and now unto us.

Around 2016, after these boots became hyper trendy through social media, production peaked at nearly one million pairs, then settled down precipitously once the trend trailed off. Nevertheless, as anyone who has ever been outside in the rain in the cold months can tell you, they remain a very popular boot.

I love wearing them on easy hikes through the woods near my house, through gentle meadows, soft beds of dried pine needles, and muddy trails. There is a creek that I can step into the shallow parts, but not above the triple stitching of my boots. I love the way the soles feel against the ground, transmitting some of the feedback of the micro-topography. I feel that they are unsuited to more demanding terrain.

I might add that, when I recovered my car from an illicit takeover, I was more than delighted to find that - although the radio was missing - my boots remained in the back of the car, right where I had left them. Apparently the urban purloiner had not recognized the true value of a pair of Bean's boots. 041b061a72

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