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Carter Thompson

G5 CloneCloth !!LINK!!

Note: You will need to have the Base Pack and the CloneCloth Jacket included in your Clone Cloth Customizer Library to apply the CloneCloth effect. I will begin the tutorial for you by providing the source materials. When first opening the file, you will need to change the view to the standard Window view, which can be selected by clicking the View button at the top left of the user interface. Every file you need to create your Yoda will be placed into a folder on this Hard Drive called Yoda, with all of the other avatar files saved for you. Next you need to begin a project in the Clone Cloth Customizer Library. CloneCloth allows you to customize a characters appearance in much the same way as the Clone Cloth from IClones Site Help , but the Customizer uses a unique model and a separate shader for the texture of the cloak.

G5 CloneCloth

Next, apply the CloneCloth effect. First off, you will want to establish the new location of your characters eyes. Remember that the Opacity dropdown menu is important. You want this to be as opaque as possible without causing artifacts on your character. I usually find it works best to select the eyes around the eye you are going to need to change and then press the multiply button, which is also on the Image Dropdown menu. Press the multiply button until the look is just as opaque on the eye you are changing as it is on the whole character. Then you will want to open the Reaalusion Cast Control panel on the right side of the tool. Applying the Yoda to this panel will give you plenty of places to experiment with images, but the most important aspect is when the eye is cast over the face. CloneCloth uses a morph engine to create the results, so if you dont have a strong understanding of how morph engines work, you may not be able to create results that are photorealistic. What you need to know about morph engines is that they are used to create textured faces, not animated ones. Once you have the Cast Control panel selected, apply the CloneCloth on your character by selecting the morph object with the plus (+) button at the top right of the user interface. When you select the CloneCloth, you should see the Yoda morph appear on your characters body mesh. Youll also want to ensure that the layer is applied to the characters head mesh. To do this, youll need to open the faces of your character again and go to the Follwer panel, click in the green box, then hover over the CloneCloth and click on it. Doing so will make it a sub-layer which will be added to the custom face layer. Now, last of all, replace the images you have chosen for your Yoda with your new ones by going to the Image Dropdown menu for your CloneCloth, and then picking the new image you wish to replace the old one with.

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