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Fighting EX Layer is a fighting video game developed by Arika. It is a spiritual successor to Fighting Layer and the Street Fighter EX series and features many of the same characters from the latter. The game was released for PlayStation 4 in June 2018, with ports for Microsoft Windows and Arcade released the following November. A mobile version of the game, titled Fighting EX Layer -α, was later released for iOS and Android devices in April 2019. A Nintendo Switch port of the game, Fighting EX Layer Another Dash was released in 2021.[1]

Fighting EX Layer is a fighting video game played in a 2.5D environment.[2] Battles take place in closed arenas, which vary in size and width. The gameplay retains many of the mechanics from Arika's previous fighting games, such as Super Cancels and juggling, while adding a new running mechanic. Additionally, the game features ground chain combos, an auto-combo system, and an optional Progressive mode which simplifies command inputs. Fighting EX Layer also introduces Gougi Boost, which grants players additional bonuses and enhancements during a match. These boosts can be customized by selecting different Gougi decks before the match begins. In Fighting EX Layer Another Dash, however, the Gougi decks are unavailable, while new mechanics have been introduced, replacing some older ones in exchange. Those new mechanics are the EX-Dash, EX-Arrow, EX-Illusion, Cancel Break, and Super Cancel, and cost one bar of the player's gauge per use.[3]

Fighting EX Layer was released with 13 playable characters, all of whom made appearances in the Street Fighter EX series of games.[4][5] Four additional characters have been added via free post-launch updates, along with a guest fighter from SNK's Fatal Fury series as paid downloadable content.[6]