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Lucas Rogers

MATLAB 2012a Portable All Toolboxes ((TOP))

*change default workspace to caller for jload and jsave*created `jdata` and `bjdata` python modules to share data with MATLAB*add savebj and loadbj to dedicate to loading and saving bjdata*add unit testing script, fix issues found in the testing unit*accelerate fast_match_bracket, drop unicode2native for speed*support Toeplitz matrices, use case-insensitive comparison*jdatadecode now handles _ArrayOrder_*add keeptype option to jsave and saveubjson*make jsave and jload work on octave*apply data compression to strings, new datatype char*fix loadmsgpack ND array issue*add jsave and jload for portable data sharing*adding support to _ArrayShape_ to record special matrices*jsonlab is compatible with matlab R2008*saveubjson now implments BJData spec Draft1, *add UseMap option to avoid key name conversion*reduce jsonopt calls to speed up encoding and decoding*enable jdataencode in savejson and saveubjson

MATLAB 2012a Portable All Toolboxes

The mapping of keyboard scancodes to key names used to be different inthe Psychtoolboxes for OS 9, OS X, Windows and Linux. E.g., the leftarrow cursor control key used to be named left on Windows,LeftArrow on Mac OS X and Left on Linux. This is annoying if onewants to write portable scripts. When writing new code, you should addthe command KbName('UnifyKeyNames'); at the top of your script. Thiswill make sure that KbName accepts and returns identical keynames on alloperating system platforms, allowing you to write portable code withoutextra effort. However, mapping of some special or exotic keys may beincomplete, so you should probably avoid those keys for portablescripts.

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