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Caribou - Swim (2010) 320kbps

Caribou - Swim (2010) 320kbps: A Review

Caribou is a Canadian electronic musician and producer who has been making music since 2000 under various names. His fifth studio album, Swim, was released in 2010 and received critical acclaim for its blend of psychedelic pop, techno, house and indie rock influences. The album features 10 tracks that explore themes of love, loss, identity and water.

Swim is a sonic journey that takes the listener from the catchy and upbeat opener "Odessa" to the hypnotic and ambient closer "Jamelia". Along the way, Caribou experiments with different sounds and textures, such as the tribal percussion and vocal samples of "Bowls", the distorted guitar and synth melodies of "Kaili", the funky bass and piano chords of "Leave House" and the dreamy harp and strings of "Lalibela". The album also showcases Caribou's vocals, which range from soft and gentle to distorted and robotic.

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Swim is an album that rewards repeated listens, as each track reveals new layers and details. The album also spawned several remixes by artists such as Junior Boys, Motor City Drum Ensemble, DJ Koze, Holden and Fuck Buttons . These remixes offer different interpretations and perspectives on Caribou's original songs, adding new dimensions and dynamics to them.

Swim is a masterpiece of electronic music that showcases Caribou's creativity and versatility. It is an album that will make you want to dance, relax, think and feel. It is an album that deserves to be heard in high quality 320kbps format.

If you are a fan of Caribou's Swim, you might be interested in his latest album, Suddenly, which was released in 2020. Suddenly is another eclectic and adventurous album that features 12 tracks that explore different genres and moods. The album has a more personal and intimate tone than Swim, as Caribou reflects on his family, relationships and memories. Suddenly is an album that surprises and delights the listener with its unexpected twists and turns. Some of the highlights include the soulful and nostalgic "Home", the playful and catchy "Never Come Back", the emotional and haunting "You and I", the experimental and glitchy "Lime" and the euphoric and uplifting "Ravi". The album also features guest vocals from Jessy Lanza, Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) and Colin Fisher.

Suddenly is an album that showcases Caribou's evolution and maturity as an artist.


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