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Buy Sligo Gaa Jersey

Show your support for the Yeats County with our stylish Sligo GAA Pet Jersey and Bandana! Perfect for dogs and cats of all sizes, our jersey features the iconic Sligo GAA crest and colors, while our bandana is great for giant dogs and features a fleece lining to keep your furry friend warm during those chilly games. Whether at the pitch or at home, your pet will be the ultimate Sligo fan with these must-have accessories. Order yours today and join the Sligo GAA faithful in cheering on the might Yeatsmen!

buy sligo gaa jersey


In facing the similarly attired Kildare, Sligo were forced into a jersey-change. Having traditionally worn black, but progressively slipped into white over a series of decades, a memorable win against Kildare in Croke Park left an indelible mark on the psyche of this coming-team.

Pulling off a monumental win in Croke Park against Peter Canavan, Brian Dooher, Ryan McMeniman & co, Sligo contested their first All-Ireland quarter-final. Describing the positivity that surrounded the panel at this time, Breheny doesn't underestimate the impact that black jersey carried:

He visited Shoes and Sport shop at Lyons and was very taken by the Sligo GAA jersey. The management made a presentation of the jersey to the soccer star and he was thrilled to receive his first ever GAA jersey.

The county colours (Irish: dathanna na gcontaetha)[1][2] of an Irish county are the colours of the kit worn by that county's representative team in the inter-county competitions of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), the most important of which are the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship and the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship. Fans attending matches often wear replica jerseys, and wave flags and banners in the county colours. In the build-up to a major match, flags and bunting are flown or hung from cars, buildings, telegraph poles, and other fixtures across the county, especially in those regions where GAA support is strong.

Where a county's jersey is multi-coloured, these are the county colours. Where the jersey is a single colour, the colour of the shorts is also included. Shorts were always white until Down wore black shorts in the 1968 football final against Kerry, for better contrast in the black-and-white RTÉ telecast.[3] Despite colour telecasts' 1971 arrival,[4] other counties switched from white shorts, such as Dublin's now familiar navy blue.

There are no official county flags; flags with the GAA county colours serve as de facto county flags. There are no standardised formats for these, except Kildare whose flag, like their kit, is all-white. Typically, flags are formed as vertical bicolours or tricolours, with the major colour nearest the hoist. Horizontal stripes are also found. This is common in County Offaly, where vertical county colours might be mistaken for the flag of Ireland; however other Offaly fans deliberately exploit this double significance. Flags with checkerboard, repeating stripes, and other patterns are also found. Flags have been commercially produced which add the county arms to the colours, sometimes augmented with the county name in English or Irish. Such flags have been flown by the government of Ireland in the Upper Yard at Dublin Castle.[9] County jerseys formerly often included the county crest, but since the 1980s county boards have developed their own logos; most were originally based on the official county arms, but some have since been replaced with unrelated designs. Flags with these logos added to the county colours are sold by or under licence from the county board.

The local biopharmaceutical company agreed a three year sponsorship deal with the county board at the end of 2015 which saw the AbbVie logo appear on all Senior, U-21 and Junior football team jerseys.

Members of the Sligo senior squad, including captain, Neil Ewing and Stephen Gilmartin, helped showcase the new kit at AbbVie's medical device centre of excellence.The eye-catching jersey continues to feature the AbbVie logo on the front and associated sponsor branding from IT Sligo on the back but includes several new design flourishes. 041b061a72

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