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Sims 4 How To Buy A Car ##BEST##

Maybe you cant buy any cars in the game yet, or am I wrong about that? Because I saw a car on one of my sims neighbours runway so I supose you can buy cars. Wich expansion, gamepack or stuffpack contains cars?

sims 4 how to buy a car

What you're seeing is the animations of passing cars or parked cars tied to worlds and backdrops. You can find those cars with a cheat and use them for decoration but they don't do anything at all. They just sit as decor. Here's the info for the cheat: -sims-4-using-the-bb-showliveeditobjects-cheat-to-unlock-new-objec...

The above-mentioned settings are simply there to get you started, the world of making set-ups can feel like a cryptic new language at times. Many people have spent several years across different sims to get that feel and understanding of what a car does and what setup tweaks are needed. 041b061a72

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