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Carter Thompson

[S1E10] Haunted PORTABLE

Accused, again, takes on a topic that is controversial and challenging. Esme is genuinely a sympathetic character. Abigal Breslin brings her to life with the deep sadness of a child traumatized by hatred.Her portrayal of Esme, or Essie as her loved ones know her, was multi-dimensional and engaging. We saw her passionate love for her girlfriend, yet her bigoted upbringing haunted her.Accused Season 1 Episode 10 delivered moments of tension, discomfort, and downright barbarity.As nasty as the depiction of White Nationalists is, it reads authentic. The radical terrorists feel fully justified in their anger and self-righteous need to protect themselves.Does it make sense? No. But it explains in a straightforward way why these people feel threatened. It reeks of entitlement, but perhaps that's their perspective.A shining light in this episode was Esme's girlfriend, played by Aisha Dee. Her depth of emotion was evident in every scene.Her

[S1E10] Haunted


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