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Buy Hand Truck Free

Since 2003, family-owned Hand Trucks R Us has grown into the ultimate destination for hard working do-it-yourselfers and professionals. Our selection of hand trucks, carts, dollies, pallet jacks, material lifts, material handling equipment and more includes top national brands. We offer useful products at a great price and back them with product expertise and customer care. We provide you with the tools to tackle tough challenging moves. Work smarter not harder with moving equipment from Hand Trucks R Us.

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If, on the other hand, you want to transport smaller items with a low weight, a hand truck with a side panel or a mesh panel might be suitable. Long goods such as pipes or slats, on the other hand, can be transported quickly and safely to the place of use with a special two-wheel hand truck for industry.

Just like many platform trolleys, four-wheel hand trucks offer a high max. load and a high level of stability, but require little effort to move. However, their radius of action is larger and they require more space to manoeuvre than, for example, a hand truck.

As a rule, it is important that you do not exceed the specified max. load of your two-wheel hand truck. The tyres should also be suitable for the respective ground or floor. Are you unsure which two-wheel hand truck will meet the requirements at your business? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The #1 swivel and rigid caster tire! This 8" tire is available in two widths to fit all 8" casters. (See 2.50 - 4" for narrow version) This tire is also great for small hand trucks and other carts. This tire is offered with a Jag Tread Pattern and is available on a 2.25" Offset, 3" Centered or 4" Centered hub. Load Capacity is 275 lbs and cost is $27.99.

Don't know what tire size to buy? Our Universal Fit Flat Free Hand Truck Tire is designed to fit the majority of hand trucks and other small equipment. Diameter = 10.5" Width = 3.3" Load Capacity = 300 lbs. Comes standard with a 2.25" Offset Hub and 5/8" Bearings, but also includes a variety of spacers and bushings to meet the hub and axle configuration you need. (Perfect as a gift!) This tire is rated to 300 lbs and costs $29.99 + freight.

Hand carts come in many sizes, weights, heights, and all are available on the Handtrucks2go website. There are convertible models, four-wheeled hand dollies, and three-wheeled hand trucks, manual models and electric models. The electric model provides more flexibility and is the best option for using on stairs, most rough terrain or curbs.

Manual hand trucks are easily used by one person and can help in many different ways around a house.If it is for a business, consider the kind of load you will move and the terrain over which there will be movement. Are curbs and slopes included in normal day to day operations? Is the load being moved up and down stairs? If so, an electric hand truck will work best for those needs. If the terrain is a flat surface, a manual hand truck will work great.

Hand trucks nowadays come in many forms and sizes such as convertible hand trucks, four-wheeled, and three-wheeled hand trucks. The problem now is which one to choose to optimize efficiency and cost. Some hand trucks are electric and can provide much more flexibility than the rest.

Folding hand trucks are great if you have space limitations. However, folding hand trucks are not great for business, especially if used daily, because they parts that fold are likely to give up. Ordinary hand trucks are much more efficient for business use. Folding hand trucks are great for home use but not for very heavy loads like refrigerator.

Four-wheeled hand trucks are efficient in terms of balance but are much more difficult to move in stairs and curbs. These are best used for businesses that transport lots of moderately sized boxes in ramps. These businesses normally have huge warehouses and have people operate hand trucks solo. Two-wheeled hand trucks are great for home use and for companies that load boxes or stocks in vehicles and trucks.

I was having trouble finding the exact replacement casters to fit my hand truck but I easily found it here at Handtrucks2go.No problems with removal of old wheels and on time delivery was a big plus. Great customer service representative that helped me with getting the right replacement.

"When I needed 2 motorized stair climber hand trucks for my freight company, I looked around the web and found that Handtrucks2go offered the best selection and prices. When I spoke to them on the phone they were very knowledgeable, able to answer all my questions and helped me find the right equipment that fit my specific needs and budget. I highly recommend them and they will definitely be my first stop next time I need any kind of moving equipment."

The Escalera Stair Climber Hand Truck from Handtrucks2go is undoubtedly the best electric appliance hand truck in the market so far. Our moving company (Rescue Moving Services) just purchased this great appliance hand truck in bulk and we have been using it to move appliances, office cabinets, furniture and more ever since. These were shipped quickly and arrived in good shape and quality. We really recommend Handtrucks2go to everyone defintely it's worth every penny!

These Escalera Motorized Stair Climbers With Forklift are the best you could find in today's market. My buddy has had one for 37 years and I would always use his and this year I decided to get my own here at Handtrucks2go. I guarantee that they will last forever.

The salesperson was very knowledgeable and efficient. The ordering experience went smoothly. I needed to add a second replacement battery the following week and the salesperson pulled up my previous order and completed the transaction very quickly. I would highly recommend Handtrucks2go.

I own a HVAC company. I recently had back surgery and I needed to find a way to load/unload from my trucks and get my equipment/ units up and downstairs, in attics and on shelves. This is it! To me the $3,000+ expense was kinda steep but compared to my $90,000+ surgery I feel like it's a great investment.

The Escalera Staircat Powered Stair Climber Hand Truck is an amazing piece of gear we had been using a regular hand truck to move 300lb copiers up stairs. Now we can do this with 2 men instead of 3 and the 2nd one is really only there to help avoid bumping into walls. We are quite happy with the product.

This Lift Truck from WESCO is an item I have always wanted since I saw one at my workplace. When I received it, I was even more happy than I had been when I ordered it. The workmanship is excellent! I am 83 and not as strong as I once was. Also, there is no one to help me do the things I bought this tool to do. Handtrucks2go has made this any easy purchase for me. Many thanks!

I have bad knees and going up and down stairs is hard on me. I have a load of 5 to 7 computers on my old hand truck all I could think of was am I going to have enough in me to keep them from falling down the stairs. Now with the Escalera Motorized Stair Climber With Forklift Handtruck I do not worry I just let stair climber do it job with little effort on my part.

This Piano Dolly was very well made and exceeded my expectations. The staff at Handtrucks2GO made every effort to make sure that I was ordering the correct one for my piano. Very impressed with the service. I highly recommend Handtrucks2GO!

The Escalera Stair Climber is an awesome hand truck. Works as advertised. Very easy to use. I opt the forklift option and it greatly helps to balance the load. Moved multiple 500 lbs. geothermal heat pumps in a 3 story house with 2 guys. It took less than 10 minutes to climb 1 geo unit all 67 steps. This dolly even climbed spiral staircase with ease. I would highly recommend this dolly to anybody that has to move heavy object up and down the stairs.

Great customer service! Great value in purchase. We will definitely purchase from Handtrucks2go again! We are a 250,000 sq ft. tennis club. This Powermate Motorized Stair Climbing Hand Truck has already paid for itself!

Website was easy to use and follow. Lots of options to choose from and for just about any application not to mention their amazing customer service who were kind enough to accomodate all our questions and are quick to respond. Me and my employees love this website! It makes our job so much easier compared to the one that we are currently using. Will defintely purchase from Handtrucks2go again!

This is the second convertible hand truck of this type I've purchased, the first of which I left at our cabin in New Hampshire. Up there I use it for hauling wood and boulders around. Down here I use if for transporting music gear and bags of garden soil.

I purchased my first Lectro Truck in 1988. The steel version called old orange. A great machine for my plumbing and heating business. One man can safely move a 900 pound boiler upstairs out of the house and on to the truck,where it used to take 3 or 4 men.

I felt it was time to upgrade to the 6512E.We still have old orange for use around the shop and the new one now goes to the jobs. I have made and saved alot of money using this product and most important no one was ever hurt moving these large heavy items. Keep up the good work on these quality hand trucks! Thank you Handtrucks2GO.

This thing will pay for itself in labor hours and medical bills in no time!! The M-1 is the most universal powered hand truck on the market with more interchangeable options than you can ever imagine, plus the 40" reach for standard tailgate height!!

What a great way to build your own Custom Magliner Hand Truck. Built mine with stair sliders, never flat tires and a easy grip handle. Simple interface and easy to follow instructions simply the best website. Super happy with the product and the quality! Will never have to buy another hand truck from a different website again.

Ordering was easy. Just picked up the phone and called. I told customer service what model hand truck I had and what part I needed. It arrived on my door step 3 days later. It took less than 1 min to install new part. The whole process was fast and painless. 041b061a72

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