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Komoot is a navigation and route planning app that enables users to create and follow routes based on riding type and ability.\nDesigned to help users explore new places and discover new routes, as well as provide ride recommendations through its \u2018community\u2019 of riders, Komoot is one of the most popular route planning apps on the market and has many functions that aim to make route planning an easier experience.\nAs cycling has shifted more towards adventure riding, exploration and gravel riding, Komoot has proven popular with cyclists thanks to its easy interface and robust route planning algorithm. It is included in BikeRadar\u2019s list of the best cycling apps and is compatible with the best bike computers.\nWhat is Komoot?\n\n On Komoot\u2019s website, you can filter Tours by duration and difficulty. Komoot \nKomoot is a route planning and navigation app. It allows you to plan routes on your mobile or computer and will generate routes based on riding type, surface and rider ability.\nUsing a start and endpoint, Komoot will tell you the distance, elevation profile, road surface, fitness level required, difficulty and estimated time needed to complete the route.\nYou can use these routes to navigate via your mobile phone, GPS cycling computer or Garmin cycling watch without an internet connection.\nIf you have access to an internet connection or mobile data, Komoot also allows you to reroute when you are out on a ride if you decide you want to head somewhere different or just change course.\nThe app also has a strong community focus. This means you can discover places other users like to ride or visit (\u2018Highlights\u2019 in Komoot parlance), such as particular climbs, cafes or points of interest and integrate these into your ride. You can use routes they have planned too.\nKomoot is available to use on desktop via the Komoot website. You also download Komoot for iOS or Komoot for Android.\nHow does Komoot work?\n\n Komoot enables you to filter Tours by location and riding discipline. Komoot\nKomoot uses the open-source OpenStreetMap database for its base mapping but then uses its own algorithms to establish the best route depending on activity type, selected waypoints and points of interest.\nKomoot provides map overlays including an Open Cycle Map that shows national cycleways and a Google satellite map. You can also upload GPX or FIT route files to Komoot.\nOnce a route has been selected, Komoot will give you onscreen and audible navigation in an offline mode to save the battery on your device. You can also send routes created on Komoot to your compatible cycling computer for navigation.\nWhen riding, the Komoot app will tell you speed, distance travelled, distance remaining and let you alter the route on the fly.\nWhen you have completed your ride you can upload it to your Komoot profile and add photos.\nKomoot will also feature local highlights, as suggested by users and Komoot ambassadors.\nKomoot can be used on a computer (PC or Mac), iPhone, Android phone, Garmin, Wahoo and most wearable devices, such as Apple Watch and Android Wear.\nHow do I get started on Komoot?\n\n The Komoot app is available on Garmin devices. Komoot\nTo start using Komoot you will need to set up an account.\nOn a Mac or PC, you can do this via Komoot\u2019s website. On a smartphone, you can do it via the Komoot app, which you can download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.\nYou can start using Komoot for free straight away, planning routes and navigation. You can also pay to download maps for offline use.\nKomoot also offers a Premium account that is aimed at adventurers and those looking to complete multi-day trips \u2013 it also offers discounts