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Nestor Seliverstov

Nanhe Jaisalmer 2 Movie Download 720p Movie Fixed

Nanhe is the self-proclaimed camel jockey in the whole of Jaisalmer. Only ten years old, he can speak a myriad of languages and has won the hearts of all the tourists who visit Jaisalmer. But in Nanhe's heart is his favorite actor Bobby Deol, who had worked with him in a film years ago when Nanhe was just a baby. In one of that film's scenes Bobby picks up the baby Nanhe and asks him 'Kaise ho mere dost?' (How are you my friend?). This memory alone leads Nanhe to believe that the actor is his long-lost best friend. No one believes that Bobby is Nanhe's friend. When it is announced that Bobby is finally coming to Jaisalmer on a 30-day movie shoot, Nanhe's wish is fulfilled, to finally meet his long-lost friend. Over the next few days Bobby and Nanhe enjoy much time together. Bobby teaches Nanhe how to use his most powerful utility, his brain and how to keep on learning new things in life.

Nanhe Jaisalmer 2 Movie Download 720p Movie

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