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Rest Icon Pack Mod APK V3.5.1 (Paid).apk

It is a replacement application launcher for Zebra Android devices, designed to allow only specified applications to be launched. EHS package archive .zip files contain .apk installation file and readme notes.

Rest icon pack Mod APK v3.5.1 (Paid).apk

There are instances that one of the reasons why you are experiencing this kind of error of parsing package issue is because the .apk app file that you are trying to download is corrupted. If this is the case, you can go ahead and try to download a new .apk file from Google Play Store and then have it installed on your Android device.

We believe that the default icon packs on the device have been boring you for a long time. Of course, not everyone has the time to learn how to change the icon so the interface on their device remains unchanged. Now, the appearance of Vera Icon Pack will help you meet your needs through a few basic operations.

You just need to download this app through Google Play and apply your favorite icon packs to your device instantly. Basically, this is a paid product from the publisher One4Studio. You have to pay a corresponding fee of $ 2.49 to be able to use the icon packs available in this application. This is not a very high fee. But you can also use this application for free by downloading it through the APK link available below.

Like most similar applications, the main function of Vera Icon Pack is to support users to change the icon icons on the screen. Accordingly, this application provides a lot of unique icon packs of many different themes for users to freely choose. Most of the icons in this application are represented through a resolution of 192x192px, so it will display clearly on any Android mobile device. Furthermore, the publisher recommends that users set the icon pack size to 80-90% to get the most perfect viewing angle.

Besides the diverse icon store, this application also provides users with great editing features. Here, you can easily customize the icon-related parameters according to your personal preferences. It can be custom related to color, size, thickness, opacity, and any other element you want. Customization is also quite simple. You simply drag and drop on the screen until you create your favorite icon packs.

Not only providing available icon packs, but Vera Icon Pack also allows users to create their own icon packs according to their own preferences. After creating the icon successfully, you can change its color to become more in sync with the device interface. If you are a lover of dark tones, this application is a great choice. Most of the available icon packs stand out great when placed next to dark wallpapers.

Vera Icon Pack is suitable for all types of users in the present time thanks to its minimalistic interface system. On first use, you can quickly see the features displayed in intuitive locations on the screen. Therefore, changes related to the icon pack will be done through a few basic operations. Besides, images of icon packs will also appear fully on the screen for users to choose more easily.

We believe that you will quickly find the right icon pack for your needs from the first time you use Vera Icon Pack. All the content in this application is presented in detail with various customization possibilities that will surely give you a certain impression. In fact, continuous interface customization will help you feel more comfortable and new when using the device.

Specifies the package name to retrieve the icon later. If the extra data Intent.EXTRA_SHORTCUT_ICON_RESOURCE is available in the received broadcast intent, the icon will be generated at runtime using the package name (and there is therefore no need to store the icon image in the device).

I have a brand new Firestick 4K Max. I downloaded the Disney+ sideload and chose to open the app in my library instead of Disney+. My new selected Viki app will open whenever I select Disney+ icon in my apps library. But nothing happens when I select the Disney+ button on the remote. I cleared the data and reselected Viki again with no change. Any suggestions? 041b061a72

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