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Carter Thompson

Enterprise Library En El horno [BEST]

After some inquiries with South American and Spanish-speaking colleagues the following picture emerges: the website (The "Central Library of Medicine Foundation" aka "Fundación Biblioteca Central de Medicina" aka "Red Informática de Medicina Avanzada" (RIMA)) is a non-library organization based in Buenos Aires that offers physicians and researchers to get an article for a given fee (the exact amount is unknown). RIMA neither buys the article from the publisher nor copies it from a local library (which presumably cannot afford journals), but services the requests by directly forwarding them to the authors, in many cases, Münster faculty members. This probably the name "Central Library of Medicine Foundation" is used to simulate the unselfish non-profit library.

Enterprise Library en el horno

I'd prefer to help colleagues out as much as possible...I certainly have no problem sending a PDF to an individual upon request. But this seems to be a (possibly for-profit) enterprise and I'm certain it would violate the copyright of the publisher.

I just received a similar request, but this time it was from a person named "Silvia Alderico" at the same institution as above. This whole enterprise does not seem legitimate. Normally, a researcher contacts you directly and asks for the paper, or their institution pays for the paper directly. If you have a desire to fill the request legally, most journals allow you to post a version of your paper: usually the final version you submitted to the journal that was accepted for publication (double-spaced word document or PDF, with figures and tables at the end).

The Central Library of Medicine Foundation (CLMF) is an institution of public good with transparent proceedings and a non-profit foundation. It was founded in the last century.The CLMF has developed multiple systems to assist health professionals in clinical decision-making based on best available medical evidence. All its services are free of charge.Our institution is independent from Governmental and political interests as well as from commercial interests of the pharmaceutical industry. It is supported by donations and sponsorships of private companies from Argentina as well as other countries.All members of the Foundation's advisory board, of which I am the general director, are unpaid honorary positions.The Foundation purchases from publishers a large quantity of subscriptions to the best journals in each specialty and a limited number of copies of articles from these journals are provided to medical investigators by request. In a few exceptional instances, when a physician asks for a reprint that we don't have in our library, the CLMF contacts the authors directly for a copy and then forwards it to the requesting doctor at no cost. This service does not have any profit-making or commercial purpose. Additionally, as a proof of our transparent procedures, our institutional data such as the name of the foundation and the postal and email address are always included in the request letters submitted to authors.

Precocinar parcialmente los alimentos en el microondas, el horno o la estufa es una buena manera de reducir el tiempo de asado. Solo asegúrese de que la comida vaya inmediatamente a la parrilla precalentada para completar la cocción.

Mantenga calientes las carnes cocidas colocándolas a un lado de la rejilla de la parrilla, no directamente sobre las brasas donde podrían cocinarse demasiado. En casa, la carne cocida se puede mantener caliente en un horno ajustado a aproximadamente 200 F, en un plato de calor o en una olla de cocción lenta, o en una bandeja para calentar.

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