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Instructions For Sports Medicine Patients !!LINK!!

The purpose of UCSF Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Resources Guide is to provide patients with instructional videos and downloadable instructions (PDFs) on how to perform at-home exercises as prescribed by your provider. If you have any questions regarding what is most appropriate for you, please contact your physician at UCSF Sports Medicine at (415) 353-2808 or leave a message for your provider on UCSF My Chart.

Instructions for Sports Medicine Patients

The sports medicine specialists at The Institute for Athletic Medicine focus on minimally invasive arthroscopic and reconstructive knee and shoulder surgery. We feature an on-site MRI to facilitate our doctors in their diagnostic testing.

Most patients can resume their usual medications after surgery. Patients who have diabetes or who take blood thinners or rheumatological medications may require some adjustments. These instructions will be clarified with you before you leave the facility. If you have any questions, please call your surgeon or primary care physician.

Medical professionals and practices that specialize in physical therapy and sports medicine use equipment and exercises that may resemble equipment and exercises that are otherwise associated with Classifications 9053(2) and 8870. However, because the operations pertain to providing physical therapy and medical treatment to patients, Classification 8834, Physicians' Practices and Outpatient Clinics, applies. Classification 8834 does not apply to the operation of a membership gym, health club, fitness studio or similar facility for use by customers to promote general fitness.

These instructions are for patients who have undergone or are contemplating common knee surgical procedures performed by Dr. DiNubile. They include the usual post-op and recovery related protocols and should answer many of your questions and concerns.

Mass General Brigham's network of Harvard Medical School-affiliated experts leads the nation in sports medicine research, technology, and innovations. We use a comprehensive approach to caring for the whole athlete, treating your sports injury and helping you return to the activities you love.

Please note - these instructions are general guidelines that should be followed for most patients; however, additional written and/or verbal instructions may be provided by Dr. Frank on a patient-specific basis depending on the surgery performed.

Our physical therapists, occupational therapists, and certified athletic trainers in the sports medicine program use a team approach to meet the needs of the community and provides a full range of services to treat athletes of all ages and levels, from youth sports through the collegiate level and from weekend warriors to fitness enthusiasts.

The Sports Medicine Patient Advisor contains easy to copy patient education handouts. This is the book that needs to be on every health care provider's bookshelf and should be used constantly. Pre-print the topics that are common to your practice and have them readily available to give to your patients and athletes. Review the handouts with your patients and be sure they understand how to do the rehab. Your patients will really appreciate learning about their sports injuries or problems and will love getting a home rehabilitation program with a plan that tells them when they can return to their sport or activity.

The Sports Medicine Patient Advisor is also useful for coaches, athletes and parents to learn about common sports injuries and how to safely return to participation. It is important to remember that this information is not a substitute for medical care and that an injured athlete needs to get appropriate attention from a sports medicine provider. 041b061a72

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