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Buy Large Lamp Shades

The great thing about lamps is that as long as they work, they can stand the test of time. One reason is that with replaceable bulbs and lamp shades, they almost never go out of style. When you need an easy, affordable lighting solution, think about upgrading your existing lamp shade, or finding one used and upgrading its features.

buy large lamp shades

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Choosing a lamp shade is all about style. Think about the broader goal of your room. Do you have a minimalist taste? Traditional? Eclectic? There is no right answer, but your lampshade should serve as an extension of your personality.. At times this will mean keeping it simple and understated, to create a clean aesthetic or emphasize different accessories; other times it will mean making a decadent, bold statement where the shade commands attention and becomes a focal point of the room.

2. If the lamp is being used for a task light, how many people will be using it at once? The answer will determine how broad the bottom of the shade needs to be (the greater the audience, the wider the shade).

3. Where will the lamp be placed? Generally, the lower the placement of the lamp (e.g., on an end table), the shorter the shade can be; the higher the placement (e.g., on an upper shelf), the longer the shade must be. Otherwise the bulb and assembly will be in view.

The Underwriters Laboratories rating (UL rating) listed on the socket will indicate the highest wattage bulb allowed for the lamp, and you should strictly adhere to this rating for safety. Through extensive testing, UL has determined the following safe critical radius ratios:

The spider shade lamp, or standard assembly lamp, is the most conventional, consisting of multiple spokes positioned at the top of the shade that meet at a central point. The small ring in the center of the spokes attaches to the harp, which is the arched piece that goes around the light bulb. The harp comes with the base and can be adjusted to move the shade up or down. The ring on the spider fitter sits on the flat spot of the harp. Secure it on top of the shade with a finial, and turn it clockwise to tighten and hold the shade in place.

Clip on lamp shades are the least common. These shades have teardrop-shaped metal pieces that slide over the light bulb. Some have two curved pieces that slide down around the light bulb to hold the shade in place. Others have four pieces called clips. Candelabra clips are made for candelabra bulbs, while round clips are made for standard bulb shapes.

Most lamp shades come with spider assemblies but can work with clip-on or uno assemblies if the size of the shade and bulb are appropriate. Simply remove the harp from the lamp base to use with a different shade assembly, either installing the uno ring fitting (for uno assemblies) or clipping on the lamp shade over the bulb (for clip on lamp shades).

I really appreciate this explanation! Thank you! I have the exact same Target lamps as the ones you have! Just made your article all the more useful to me since I think I chose lamp shades that are slightly too big. 041b061a72

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